Limen 1/2001


Arpad Szakolczai: In a Permanent State of Transition: Theorising the East-European Condition

Maja Brkljacic: A Case of a Very Difficult Transition: The Ritual of the Funeral of Josip Broz Tito

Claire Molloy: Marking Territories

Gregory A. Wilson: The Problem in the Middle - Liminality in the Jonsonian Masque

Stephen J. Arnott:  Liminal Subjectivity and the Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm of Félix Guattari

Iain MacKenzie: Limits, Liminality and the Present: Foucault’s Ontology of Social Criticism

Milan Jaros: Ethological knowledge maps of liminal territories

Toni Sant: Liminality and Altered States of Mind in Cyberspace

Catherine Smith: The Space of Liminality and the Space of Architecture

Keane Jondi: EXIT Genres & The Experience of Reading

Susan Tennant: The liminal journey of Takamure Itsue: An account of a young woman's pilgrimage

Robert J. Silverman:  The “In between”