Limen 2/2001


Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek: In-between Borders and Central European Life Writing

Georgiy Bogin: Two Liminal Phenomena: The Non-Discursive Reflectivity And Its Absence

Bobby J. George: The Bottleneck Adventures

Michael Hardin: Transgressing the Future: The Linguistic Construction of Time and Knowledge in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Milton's Samson Agonistes

Rachel Galvin: Shouting across the Distance: Liminal States in Eavan Boland's Outside History

Clara Masnatta: On the Lintel of Literature: Clarice Lispector's A hora da Estrela

Cathrine Lang: Existence on the Threshold: Liminal Characters in the Works of A.S. Byatt

Alexis Shotwell: Liminality, Radical Personal Transformation, and the Conditions for Rational Deliberation: Susan Babbitt, Maria Lugones, and Toni Morrison

Rosemary King: Betwixt and Between: Liminality and Language in House Made of Dawn

Laurie Anne Whitt: Poetry