Submission Rules

Editors will consider for publishing any research article, critical article and review (of books, web sites, exhibitions or conferences) regarding theories and/or case studies of liminality and related phenomena. (See: Letter of intent).

Every article will undergo a peer-review by independent scholars working in the field.

Useful links to the liminality-related sites are welcomed.

Limen aim to be interdisciplinary, so discipline-specific terms should be used sparingly and explained either parenthetically or in footnotes.

Limen will not promote a unification of textual strategies proposed by Chicago Manual of Style or any similar set of internationally established rules.

All submissions to Limen should be mailed to the editors as an attachment in MS WORD for Windows or Macintosh format to the following remailing address:

or to the personal mail addresses of Limen editors:

Aljosa Puzar,

Igor Markovic

Paper and/or portable media based material (books, journals, conference proceedings, CD-ROMs, video-tapes etc.) for possible reviewing can be addressed to:

Aljosa Puzar (for Limen /reviews/)
Laginjina 14/I
HR-51000 Rijeka, Croatia, Europe


Igor Markovic (for Limen /reviews/)
Buconjiceva 39
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Europe